Smooth Putty


Black Swan’s Smooth Putty is a special formulated putty which will stay soft and flexible and will not shrink, bleed, harden, crack or crumble. It is gas proof, odor proof and water resistant. Black Swan Smooth Putty can be used for setting toilet bowls, fixtures, faucets, strainers, basin cocks, sink frames and many other sealing and caulking applications. Black Swan Smooth Putty is a stainless putty and meets Federal Specification TT-P-1536A.


Black Swan Smooth Putty is packaged in cartridges. This is a unique concept for plumbers putty. This allows the user to apply a certain bead size to whatever application they are doing quickly and easily.


  1. Cut nozzle to desired size.
  2. Apply Black Swan Smooth Putty with caulking gun liberally and evenly to clean dry surface.
  3. Set and tighten fixture.
  4. Remove excess putty.


  1. Do not let putty come into contact with natural marble surface.
  2. Brush or spray marble area with clear acrylic lacquer. Allow to dry.
  3. Apply putty as noted above.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not take internally. Contents are toxic.

UPC Number and Carton Information
Stock No. Size UPC Number Carton Cubic Feet
01140 10.3 fl. oz. cart. 0 54647 01140 0 .306