Big White


Black Swan's Big White is a smooth, grit-free, homogenized PTFE pipe joint compound. For use on metal and threaded connections. Formulated to be used on all types of systems carrying most any gases or liquid except oxygen, fluorine and liquid sodium. Will not transfer any taste or odor to the system being sealed. Excellent for food and water systems. Contains no lead or silicone. NSF certified.


Temperature range use: Gases and Liquids from -50° F (-45° C) to +400° F (+204° C)
Pressure range use: Gases up to 3,000 PSI Liquids up to 10,000 PSI
Brushable to: -50° F (-45° C)
Sets up to: Soft-set, non-hardening
Contents: Non-toxic inert oils, PTFE powder, carbonates


Black Swan's Big White is recommended for use on ABS, PVC, CPVC, FlowGuard Gold® CPVC, BlazeMaster® CPVC, Corzan®, fiberglass, nylon, polypropylene, celcon, cycolac, polybutylene, delrin, polyethylene, zytel and all metals.

Black Swan
Big White is recommended for lines carrying:

acids, diluted aliphatic solvents compressed air
caustic alkali, diluted ethylene glycol heating oils
hydraulic oils jet fuel (JP3, 4, 5, 6, & 7) manufactured gases
brine castor oils diesel fuel oils
gasoline helium gas inert gases
L-P gases mineral oils nitrogen gas
natural gas steam ammonia
petroleum solvent water, hot or cold

(Do not use on oxygen lines)


  1. Make sure threads are made with a good die.
  2. Clean surface to which the compound is to be applied of dirt, oil, moisture, etc.
  3. Stir before using. Do not dilute.
  4. Apply compound to male threads with brush or applicator. Brush well into threads to ensure leak-free joints. Cover threads completely.
  5. Assemble joints in usual manner.


Do not use on oxygen lines. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not allow to be taken internally. If swallowed seek immediate attention. Do not induce vomiting.

UPC Number and Carton Information
02076 3 ml. 0 54647 02076 1 .106
02077* 1/4 pt. 0 54647 02077 8 .222
02078* 1/2 pt. 0 54647 02078 5 .2062
02079* pt. 0 54647 02079 2 .376
02080* qt. 0 54647 02080 8 .711
02082* 5 gal. 0 54647 02082 2 1.375

*Brush in can