95/5 Solder-N-Flux


Black Swan's 95/5 Solder-n-Flux tin antimony solder combines with flux in paste form for brush on applications. Used for joining copper tubing and fittings in plumbing, heating and drain waste and vent lines. Can also be used to join metals including copper, brass, zinc, tin, lead, galvanized and black iron steel and some grades of stainless steel. One pound can do the work of three to four pounds of wire solder.


  1. Clean surface of tubing and inside of fitting with steel wool or emery cloth.
  2. For best results check square cut, no burrs and proper fit.
  3. Brush paste on surface of tubing and fitting and apply torch to outer metal - not directly on Black Swan 95/5 Solder-n-Flux.
  4. When Black Swan's 95/5 Solder-n-Flux flows, is drawn into joint, and residue stops bubbling, remove flame. Wipe joint clean with damp cloth or wet brush.


  1. Use soft clean brush. After using, brush can be cleaned with water.
  2. Always keep container tightly covered when not in use. If cover is not replaced and material becomes too thick to brush on, add a few drops of water and stir well. Adding too much water will reduce effectiveness of Black Swan 95/5 Solder-n-Flux.
  3. Use liberal amount of Black Swan 95/5 Solder-n-Flux because volume is less after melting. Using wire or bar solder on all joints is helpful.
  4. Black Swan 95/5 Solder-n-Flux can be used for tinning copper, brass and tin. Brush product on, heat adjacent surface and wipe when solder flows.


Contains zinc chloride. Avoid contact with eyes or internal tissue. Do not swallow. Wash hands after using. Use brush, do not apply with fingers. If swallowed, give milk or water. For eyes flood with water. Call a physician at once. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

UPC Number and Carton Information
Stock No. Size UPC Number Carton Cubic Feet
03018 1/2 lb. 0 54647 03018 0 .10
03020 1 lb. 0 54647 03020 3 .11