Dirty Birdy Wipes


Black Swan's Dirty Birdy Wipes are strong abrasive towels impregnated with hand cleaner. Formulated to remove adhesives, sealants, spray paints, enamels, latex paint, grease, tar, ink and much more. Can be used to clean hands, tools, equipment, desktops, etc.

Black Swan's Dirty Birdy Wipes are packaged in a 6-pack carton and also in an attractive 30-pack floor display to help promote sales.

They are very strong. They may damage some delicate or painted surfaces. Always test a small area prior to usage.


  1. Break safety tab on top and remove lid.
  2. Pull towel from the middle of the roll and thread opening in the top.
  3. Replace lid.
  4. Pull wipes up and then out at a 45° angle to tear off at perforation.
  5. Wipe hands or surface to be cleaned thoroughly with Dirty Birdy Wipes. Allow cleaner to work for one minute. Then use abrasive towel to wipe dirt and cleaner from hands or surface being cleaned.
  6. Close cap after use.


Water, D-limonene, propylene glycol, dimethyl glutrate, dimethyl adipate, dimethyl succinate, lanoline, aloe extract, citruc acid and vitamin E.

UPC Number and Carton Information
03055 10" X 12" 0 54647 03055 5 .727
03055-30* 10" X 12" 0 54647 03055 5 3.63

*Floor display