Light Cutting Oil


Black Swan Light Cutting Oil is a heavy duty sulfurized-chlorinated base oil that helps cut clean, sharp threads on steel and brass pipe. It is formulated to reduce friction during the machining process. By reducing this friction heat generation is minimized. The results are cleaner, sharper threads, better fitting joints and longer tool life.

Light Cutting Oil is formulated to work on hand threading applications. For high speed machines use Black Swan Dark Cutting Oil.

Light Cutting Oil is an anti-mist lubricant. Weather conditions will not affect the oil. The quality of the oil is guaranteed to be uniform at all times. The oil is also ideal for stripping, broaching , or milling applications.


Light Cutting Oil is formulated with 100% virgin petroleum oil, sulfur, chlorine and fat.

Sulfur and chlorine are utilized to minimize tool wear and improve part finish. In these oils, the sulfur and chlorine are attached to the same molecule to achieve a synergistic effect. Thus, these heavily fortified cutting oils are even more powerful than the sulfur and chlorine content would indicate. The presence of fat combines with the sulfur and chlorine to provide exceptional performance in high speed, light duty operations as well as low speed, heavy duty operations. The highly aggressive nature of these oils prevent their use on copper alloys unless black staining is acceptable.


SUS @ 100° F 120
Pounds/Gallon 7.3
Flash Point, F 380
Pour Point, F 5
Sulfur, Active wt. % 0.60
Chlorine, wt. % 0.80
Fat, wt. % 3.0
Copper Corrosion
ASTM-D 130 46


Primarily, a cutting fluid contributes in three ways to a machining process. First, it acts as a lubricant. By reducing friction, it reduces the heat generated. Second, because frictional heating cannot be completely eliminated - and often not even substantially reduced - the cutting fluid must also act as an effective coolant. Finally, it should act as an anti-weld agent to counteract the tendency of the work material to weld to the tool under heat and pressure. In addition to these primary functions there are other secondary but important requirements that cutting fluids must satisfy.

  1. They should flush chips away from the work area.
  2. They should protect the finished work surfaces, the tools and the machine against rust and stain.
  3. They should not smoke or fog in use.
  4. They should have reasonably pleasant odors.
  5. They should not be toxic or produce dermatitis.


  1. Make sure equipment and dies are in good working order.
  2. Start flow of oil before dyes are in contact with pipe.
  3. Oil flow should hit point of friction for best results.



UPC Number and Carton Information
05025 pt. 0 54647 05025 6 .358
05030 qt. 0 54647 05030 0 .649
05035 gal. 0 54647 05035 5 1.380
05040 5 gal. 0 54647 05040 9 1.375
05045 55 gal. 0 54647 05045 4 10.720