Freeze-Guard Inhibitor


Black Swan's Freeze-Guard Inhibitor is important to maintain adequate corrosion protection in the Freeze-Guard anti-freeze solution in your hydronic system. Without sufficient protection the system will be less efficient, have more chance of freezing and will be more expensive to maintain. By using Freeze-Guard Inhibitor you will extend the life of the Freeze-Guard anti-freeze solution and the system itself for many years to come.


  1. Black Swan's Freeze-Guard anti-freeze solution should be tested periodically to ensure that proper freeze, burst and corrosion protection is adequate. Do this by using Black Swan's Freeze-Guard is sold. Follow instructions included with the test strips.
  2. If the corrosion protection (reserve alkalinity) is in the "good" range no Freeze-Guard Inhibitor is necessary. If the corrosion protection tests as "poor" or "borderline" add one container of Freeze-Guard Inhibitor solution.
  3. To add Freeze-Guard Inhibitor, mix the entire container of Freeze-Guard Inhibitor in one gallon of warm to hot distilled or deionized water. Drain off enough boiler fluid to make room for the Freeze-Guard Inhibitor solution. Add the Freeze-Guard Inhibitor solution.
  4. Circulate and heat the system fluid to ensure thorough mixing. Stop the firing and circulating equipment and allow the fluid to cool to near room temperature. Again test the fluid for adequate corrosion protection. If the fluid does not test in the "good" range add more Freeze-Guard Inhibitor.
  5. Freeze-Guard Inhibitor can also be used to remove the corrosive minerals (hardness) from any fresh water to be used in a hydronic system and it will prevent the water from turning acidic. For this purpose use 3 ounces of Freeze-Guard Inhibitor for each 25 gallons of system capacity.

UPC Number and Carton Information
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