Freeze-Guard Test Strips

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*This product does not require a GHS Safety Data Sheet.


Black Swan's Freeze-Guard Test Strips are designed to test the freeze and corrosion protection of Freeze-Guard anti-freeze solutions. If the freeze protection or corrosion protection is not adequate, then either more Freeze-Guard should be added to the system or the entire system should be drained and a fresh Freeze-Guard solution added.


  1. Remove test strip from package.
  2. Dip strip into solution for one second, remove and shake off excess fluid.
  3. At 15 seconds after dipping strip, compare freeze point/boil point pad (pad at end of strip) to chart.
  4. At 30 seconds after dipping strip, compare coolant pH pad (pad closest to the handle) to chart.
  5. Based on the reading of the Freeze-Guard Test Strip, take appropriate action.
  6. To determine how many gallons of Freeze-Guard AG to add to the system for desired freeze protection, use the following formula:

    (Gallon Capacity of System) (% Desired - % Current)

    (100% - % Current)

  7. To improve the corrosion protection of the system, add one pint of Freeze-Guard Inhibitor. Later, after the system has circulated and thoroughly mixed the inhibitor, test again for the corrosion protection. If necessary repeat the process of adding Freeze-Guard Inhibitor.

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