Furnace & Retort Cement


Black Swan's Furnace & Retort Cement is a ready to use, asbestos free cement used for setting and repairing furnaces, heaters, stoves, boilers, fireplaces, and for many other furnace and refractory applications. Adheres to stone, brick, wood, metal and most common building materials. Withstands temperatures up to 3000°F.

Furnace & Retort Cement is fireproof, acid-proof, gas-tight and smokeless.


  1. Clean area thoroughly. Remove old cement or debris.
  2. Moisten surfaces to be cemented.
  3. Apply thin coat of cement and make sure all areas and cracks are filled.
  4. Apply second coat of cement liberally. Smooth with trowel.
  5. Place part to be connected gently on cement. Remove excess cement and smooth edges.
  6. For best results let cemented joint air-dry as long as possible before starting a very slow fire, thus allowing cement to set gradually.


While not injurious to healthy skin, keep from open sores or cuts. If contact occurs, cleanse with clean water. Non-toxic. Non-edible. Harmful if swallowed. If swallowed, drink large quantities of water, milk or fruit juices. Keep out of reach of children.

UPC Number and Carton Information
06020 1/2 pt. 0 54647 06020 0 .28
06022 pt. 0 54647 06022 4 .464
06025 qt. 0 54647 06025 5 .432
06026 1/2 gal. 0 54647 06026 2 .778
06027 gal. 0 54647 06027 9 .776