Liquid Boiler Cleaner


Black Swan's Liquid Boiler Cleaner is a powerful liquid designed to clean hot water systems. Removes scale, rust, grease, dirt and oil. Liquid Boiler Cleaner contains an inhibitor which will prevent rust and corrosion. It also stops priming and surging.

Liquid Boiler Cleaner is safe and easy to use. No need to drain or flush the system unless there are unusually dirty conditions. By using Liquid Boiler Cleaner you will save energy and promote maximum boiler efficiency.


For Moderately Dirty Systems:

  1. Pour Liquid Boiler Cleaner into boiler through safety valve or any other convenient opening.
  2. To determine quantity of product to introduce into system, see chart below.
  3. Under normal circumstances no draining or flushing of the system is necessary.

For Oily, Surging or Rusty Systems:

  1. Pour Liquid Boiler Cleaner into system per instructions above and allow to remain inn boiler for two weeks.
  2. Allow water to cool and drain boiler.
  3. Clean all parts of system thoroughly.
  4. Fill the boiler with clean water and add a second dose of Black Swan Liquid Boiler Cleaner to system.
  5. No draining or flushing of system is necessary.
  6. For best results clean boiler once a year,


E. D. R. Boiler Rating

Amt. For Cleaning

Amt. For Treating

Total Amt.

up to 600 sq. ft. 1 qt. 1 qt. 2 qt.
900 sq. ft. 2 qt. 2 qt. 4 qt.
1200 sq. ft. 4 qt. 4 qt. 8 qt.
1500 sq. ft. 6 qt. 6 qt. 12 qt.
1800 sq. ft. 8 qt. 8 qt. 16 qt.
2100 sq. ft. 10 qt. 10 qt. 20 qt.


For every 500 sq. ft. above 2100 sq. ft. add 2 quarts for cleaning and treating. The above amounts are based upon one quart treating 40 gallons of boiler water. For boilers having smaller water capacity use proportionately.


Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, flush liberally with water. Call Physician.

UPC Number and Carton Information
06010 qt. 0 54647 06010 1 .649
06012 gal. 0 54647 06012 5 1.380
06013 5 gal. 0 54647 06013 2 1.375