Dynamic Duo


Black Swan's Dynamic Duo is a combination pack of the Black Swan Heavy Duty Liquid Drain Pipe Opener in the quart size and the Black Swan Power Crystals in the 1 lb. size. These two caustic based products are excellent drain pipe openers by themselves. But, when used together, the combined product is one of the strongest drain pipe openers on the market.


Most liquid caustic drain openers are 10% active ingredients and 90% water. Some of the stronger liquid caustic drain openers might be 20% or 30% active ingredients. Dynamic Duo contains our Heavy-Duty Liquid Drain Pipe Opener that contains over 45% active ingredients. Plus, when you add the Power Crystals (which are 100% active ingredients) you create a formula that can be up to 80% active ingredients. This is a strong drain pipe opener. This is the Dynamic Duo.


Drain lines over time accumulate matter on the sides of the piping system. this matter could be grease, soap scum, hair, food or other organic material. Eventually the opening on the piping system will get smaller and smaller and the flow of water draining will slow down or even stop. It is at this point that one possible solution is to use a drain pipe opener to clean the clogged drain lines.


When Drain Pipe Openers are poured into a drain there is usually standing water. The chemicals in the drain opener react with the water to create a tremendous amount of heat. This heat will help soften the matter on the side of the pipe and hopefully cause this matter to flow away - thus opening up the piping system. The chemicals in Dynamic Duo also react with organic matter (cellulose in toilet paper, sanitary pads, etc.) and dissolve them. This also opens up the piping system and should help the flow of water dramatically.


  1. Read all directions and warnings on both bottles thoroughly.
  2. Remember to cover eyes and face before using Dynamic Duo.
  3. For best results pour Power Crystals into drain first, follow with enough cold water to stop any fumes or any water boiling out of drain and then add Heavy-Duty Liquid Drain Pipe Opener.
  4. Use an equal amount of Power Crystals and Heavy-Duty Liquid Drain Pipe Opener.
    For example, if you use 1/4 of a bottle of Power Crystals, use 1/4 of a bottle of Heavy-Duty Liquid Drain Pipe Opener. If you want a slightly stronger product, increase the amount of Power Crystals in relation to the Heavy-Duty Liquid Drain Pipe Opener.


Use protective clothing, gloves, eyewear.

Do not mix with ammonia or any other cleaner, solvents, drain openers.

Keep face away from drain opening while using product.

Clean all spills immediately.

Danger: Contains potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, mucous membranes and clothing.


External: Flood with water for 15 minutes then wash with vinegar.

Internal: Drink large quantities of water. Follow with citrus fruit juice, if available. Call a physician immediately.

Eyes: Flush with water for 15 minutes. Get prompt medical attention.

Then call poison control center, physician or emergency room.

Keep out of reach of children.

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