Power Crystals


Black Swan's Power Crystals are a powdered blend of sodium hydroxide, sodium nitrate and an aluminum alloy designed for cleaning clogged drain pipes due to grease, hair, lint, paper, food scraps, and all organic material. Will not harm plumbing fixtures, porcelain or septic systems. Black Swan's Power Crystals are extremely fast acting.


Drain lines over time accumulate matter on the sides of the piping system. This matter could be grease, soap scum, hair, food, or other organic material. Eventually the opening on the piping system will get smaller and smaller and the flow of water draining will slow down or even stop. It is at this point that one possible solution is to use a drain pipe opener to clean the clogged drain lines.


When Black Swan's Power Crystals poured into a drain there is usually standing water. The chemicals in the drain opener react with the water to create a tremendous amount of heat. This heat will help soften the matter on the side of the pipe and hopefully cause this matter to flow away - thus opening up the piping system. The chemicals in the Power Crystals also react with organic matter (cellulose in toilet paper, sanitary pads, etc.) and dissolve them.


  1. Read entire label before using.

  2. Remove standing water, if any.

  3. For sinks, lavatory, shower and tubs - pour one quarter container slowly into the drain opening. Follow immediately by pouring one cup of COLD water down the drain. If water boils out of the drain, add another cup of COLD water.

  4. For Floor Drains - pour 1/2 container into drain. Follow immediately with 1/2 gallon of COLD water.

  5. After 15 minutes, pour COLD water down the drain. If drain is still clogged, repeat application. If drain is still clogged, do not repeat. Consult a plumber.


  1. Never use Power Crystals in garbage disposers, dishwashers, toilet bowls, or in pipes directly connected to these devices.

  2. Keep Power Crystals away from aluminum, wood, paint, acrylic or fiberglass.

  3. Keep Power Crystals away from eyes, skin and clothing. Do not stare down drain while Power Crystals is working as splash-back may occur.

  4. Use rubber gloves and eye goggles while using Power Crystals .

  5. Never mix Power Crystals with other drain cleaners or chemicals as violent reaction may occur.

  6. Never use Power Crystals with plunger or pressurized drain opener as splash-back may occur.

  7. Never cover drain opening after using Power Crystals .

  8. In case of a spill, sweep Power Crystals into dust pan and dispose of into nearest drain.


Clogged drains are usually due to the build up of grease, hair, soap scum, or bath oils. Rather than wait for the drains to start causing you problems, be on the offensive. Every week use a small amount of Power Crystals to keep them running freely.



May be fatal or cause permanent damage if swallowed. Causes severe burns to eyes and skin. Contains sodium hydroxide, sodium nitrate and aluminum alloy. May cause blindness. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, mouth and clothing.

UPC Number and Carton Information
09175 1 lb. 0 54647 09175 4 .40
09175CC• 1 lb. 0 54647 09175 4 .40
09177 2 lb. 0 54647 09177 8 .89
09179 6 lb. 0 54647 09179 2 1.37
09181 25 lb. 0 54647 09181 5 .51
09183 50 lb. 0 54647 09183 9 1.375
•Packaged in display box