Hose Bibb Mounting Plate

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*This product does not require a GHS Safety Data Sheet.


Black Swan's Hose Bibb Mounting Plate is a patented kit containing a mounting plate, machine screws, and plastic anchors.

Hose Bibb Mounting Plate:

  1. Prevents drafts, moisture, insects and vermin from entering the building through gaps between the hose bibb and the outside wall.
  2. Holds hose bibb securely so as to prevent stresses on plumbing.
  3. Assures the proper pitch on frost-proof hydrants and saves time on installation.
  4. Is neat, attractive and gives a professional appearance upon installation.
  5. Is compatible with all major domestic and imported brands of sillcocks, both frost-proof and non-frost-proof.

The Hose Bibb Mounting Plate is for new installations only.


  1. Mount the hose bibb to the mounting plate using the 1/2" by 10/32" machine screws provided.
  2. If necessary, connect any pipe and/or adapter to the bibb.
  3. Place the assembly against the wall and mark the wall through the mounting holes.
  4. Remove assembly and drill 1/4" hole where you just marked and insert the plastic anchors provided. This may only be necessary on masonry or dry wall. You can also add a bead of caulk to the back of the plate to further prevent drafts, moisture, insects, etc.
  5. Mount assembly to wall and secure with 1-1/4" screws provided.

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10080 --- 0 54647 10080 7 .106