Black Swan's Adhesive-Lube is a unique, black, one component liquid neoprene adhesive developed to improve installation and sealing of compression type gaskets for cast iron pipe joints. It is strongly recommended for joining all untarred pipe and fittings and for all tarred large diameters (5" through 15") pipe and fittings. Makes joints immediately. Once set, the joints are extremely difficult to separate.


One year if stored unopened in a cool place (50° - 70° F). Keep cans closed when not in use. Always rotate stock using oldest cans first.


Specific Gravity: 0.89
Weight Per Gallon: 7.5 lbs.
Viscosity: 1000 CPS ± 250 CPS
Solids Content: Weight-23.5%
Flash Point: 5°C (41°F) ASTM- D 3278


  1. Stir before using.
  2. Clean hub and spigot; remove dirt, mud gravel or other foreign matter.
  3. Apply 1 coat of Black Swan Adhesive-Lube to interior of female hub of pipe.
  4. Allow to dry 1 to 2 minutes and insert gasket into hub.
  5. Apply 1 coat of Black Swan Adhesive-Lube to inside of gasket and outside of male pipe joint. Do not apply to spigot unless joining untarred material.
  6. Allow drying time of approximately 1 to 2 minutes and insert male pipe to complete coupling.


Do not smoke. Keep product and its vapors away from heat, sparks, open flame, including pilot lights, arcing switches, cutting torches and tools that could cause sparks, and all sources of ignition. Vapors may cause flash fire. Even after contents have been removed, the container will continue to contain explosive vapors. Do not re-use container without commercial cleaning and reconditioning. Foam or dried powder fire extinguishers should be placed where they can be quickly reached in case of fire.

Do not get into eyes, on skin, or on clothing. Wear appropriate properly fitted respirator (NIOSH MSHA approved) during application unless air monitoring demonstrates vapor/mist levels are below applicable limits. Follow respirator manufacturer's directions for respirator use.

Keep container closed when not in use. Do not transfer contents to other storage containers. In case of spillage absorb with inert material and dispose of in accordance with applicable regulations. Ground containers when filling or emptying and avoid freefall of contents by pouring down side of container.

Keep out of reach of children.


If exposed to high concentration of vapor or spray mist, remove patient to fresh air. If difficulty breathing or unconsciousness occurs, call a physician and have label information available. In case of skin contact, flush with plenty of water; for eyes immediately flush with plenty of water for 15 minutes and get medical attention. Do not take internally. If swallowed do not induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately.

UPC Number and Carton Information
04080 qt. 0 54647 04080 6 .215
04081* qt. 0 54647 04081 3 .711

* With jumbo dauber in can