What's New

Black Swan has come out with a new price sheet that has gone into effect on April 1, 2020. New products have been added to the line, solvent cements and primer prices have been increased by 3%, wax gaskets have been raised between $.02 and $.05 per ring, many product prices have been raised between 3% and 8%, and many product prices have remained the same.

New products or new packaging that have been added to the line are as follows:

  1. All Purpose Pipe Dope- 1 Fl. Oz. Tube
  2. Big Blue Pipe Joint Compound01 Fl. Oz. Tube
  3. PTFE Tape Gray Ghost Gravity Feed Display
  4. Cut Case Display For ¼ Pints of PVC Cement
  5. Cut Case Display For ¼ Pints Wet-Or-Dry PVC Cement
  6. Cut Case Display For ¼ Pints 3-Way Cement
  7. ABS Cement-Yellow-Medium Body
  8. Cut Case Displays For Cement/Primer Combo Packs
  9. Cut Case Display For 1 Lb. Power Crystals
  10. Drain Star Heavy Duty Liquid Drain Pipe Opener
  11. Adjustable Power Dauber
  12. Non-Detectable Marking Tape
  13. Stack Plunger

Black Swan will now have available a Product Catalog. This will be available electronically and a printed version will be available.

Black Swan has recently made some changed in our manufacturer’s representatives for the plumbing wholesale trade. The new representatives and their territories are as follows:

Hall Sales Company Minnesota
  North Dakota
  South Dakota
  W. Wisconsin
Maco Southeast, LLC Florida
Tim Morales & Associates Louisiana
O’Connor Sales Inc. Southern California

Black Swan is adapting to the new business environment. The coronavirus has certainly changed things. Black Swan has determined that we are an “essential company” because we supply products to the plumbing and the hardware trade. Our business continues to be strong and we expect this to continue into the future.